CALLU, passionate about shipping & offshore


Our vision is to be a dynamic organization led by an experienced team that is highly motivated to deliver projects with a culture of safety and quality as a way of life. We understand that growth is not only about the company but also about our team, which is why we prioritize the growth of every individual. As we expand, we will only do so when we are all prepared to take on new challenges and opportunities.

We believe in providing our clients with a seamless experience, which is why we offer a single point of contact to ensure that communication is clear, efficient, and effective. Our ultimate goal is to be recognized as a leader in the industry for our commitment to safety, quality, and excellence in service delivery.


Our company is built on a set of core values that guide us in everything we do. We believe that creating a great atmosphere is our highest value. We understand that when our team members feel comfortable and supported, they can work collaboratively, innovate, and provide exceptional service to our customers. We are committed to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

We believe that safety is not just a goal, but a mindset that should be integrated into every aspect of our work. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety in everything we do, from the tools we use to the procedures we follow.

We understand that sustainability is critical to our future and the future of our planet. Without it, all other values become meaningless. We are committed to operating in a sustainable way that preserves the environment, reduces waste, and promotes social responsibility. We believe that by embracing sustainability, we can create a brighter future for our company, our team members, and our community.